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Ha Long Bay entrance fees to increase from 2014

/ Please note: Halong Bay management committee has  decided to change & increase the Halong bay sightseeing Fees from Jan 1st 2014.  As the result, The rates of all cruises in Halong Bay are a bit higher than the current rates in 2013 . The thing that a travel agency like us never “desire” !


The People’s Council of Quang Ninh Province has passed a resolution to increase the entrance fees to Ha Long Bay in order to have funding for renovation, conservation and promotion of the value of this heritage site.

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 From January 1, 2014, the fees to visit Ha Long Bay in the daytime will increase up to VND150,000 ($7) per person instead of the current fees of VND80,000-VND130,000 ($4-6).

The entrance fees at each destination on the bay, which are invested by the State, will be from VND30,000 to VND50,000 ($1.5-2.5).

The overnight fees will be VND200,000, VND350,000 and VND400,000 ($10, $17, $20) for one, two and three nights, respectively.

The Council also ratified a resolution to collect the entrance fees to Bai Tu Long Bay, with the maximum fee of VND100,000 ($5) per person. However, the date for collecting the fees is not fixed yet.

Visitors who are children and some special subjects will enjoy fee reduction or exemption.

This year Quang Ninh expects to earn VND200 billion ($10 million) from the entrance fees to Ha Long Bay. With the new entrance fees, the province can earn up to VND600 billion ($30 million) in 2014.