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Halong Bay Cruise Overnight

There are many cruises in Halong Bay that offer Halong Bay Cruise overnight , and the you at least spend one night in Halong Bay to get a nice experience?


Why do you must stay overnight in Halong Bay?


The distance from Hanoi to Halong Bay is quite far , it takes you around 4 hours from Hanoi to Halong Bay and from Halong Bay to Hanoi, and total is 8 hours, if you travel to Halong Bay one day, it is extremely tired and you only spend 4 hours on boat then come back Hanoi immediately .

The second reason, you must stay overnight in Halong Bay on cruise  because you will enjoy your time for fishing, the cruise team will give you the fishing equipment, try to go fishing and you will get lovely fishes.




Also, you can joy the party on boat, some of boats they held a great party and you can dance, sing karaoke with your friends and enjoy some fantastic cocktails.





But if you do not like partying, you can enjoy the romantic time on boat by coming up on the cruise sundeck to see the romantic sky,  the sky in Halong Bay at night is so huge, just lying down on the chair and enjoy your time, that would be so lovely.


One more things, by staying overnight in Halong Bay, you have more chance to visit many famous attractions in Halong Bay like: Amazing cave, Titov Island, Dau Go cave and many other places that  you can not joy if you do one day to Halong Bay.