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Halong Bay Cruises reviews & advice

Hi our lovely  Travelers !


I am sure that before each trip,  you must look for many different things about it and today i would like to give you some advice that you want to book a Halong Bay Cruise.


Halong Bay weather


First of all, you must see the Halong Bay weather because this is one of the most important thing that makes your trip more exciting. You could not be happy if it rain during your trip especially this is an outdoor activity. 


Time to visit Halong Bay, this is also an important factor to book a cruise. The high season in moths: Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar, April and May, June, July, Aug, Sept are in low season.


Why high season? The low season with very hot weather and not many foreign travelers who prefer to book at this season. The degree in summer is almost from 30 Celsius to 40 Celsius. Summer is the time for almost Vietnamese travelers who prefer to joy the beach activities and i am sure that it is not so good for you.


High season with months mentioned is absolutely great because the weather is so cool and not too cold for outdoor activity. You have great time for kayaking, swimming, caving, diving and more…


The price


The prices for cruises are very important , even you are luxury travelers or budget travelers. Almost Luxury Cruises are more expensive than deluxe cruises or superior cruises. Of course, the services of luxury cruises are more better than the rest because they always prepare the best for you with best quality of food at meal on boat, modern & luxury transfer as well as great English speaking guide.


Please do not find a cruise below us$ 100 per person for 2 days & 1 night because the services of these cruise types are not so good. You should be smart and find out an authorized agency and they will help for a lovely and nice cruise for your holiday.


Activity in Halong Bay


The activities in Halong Bay are the most amazing parts and especially you have more time to enjoy 3 days & 2 nights cruise. You will joy many great activity like”: kayaking, swimming, fishing, caving, visiting floating villages, learning cooking class, taichi, singing karaoke, sunbathing, diving,etc.


au-fishing-lanHa-Bay   fishing  EmotionActivitiesKayaking




 About Transfer


 The transfer is also very important for travelers when they book a cruise. Almost cruises, we pick you up from your hotel in Hanoi around 08 am and arrive in Halong Bay around noon. Almost 170km and 4 hours for driving on almost rough ways is a big challenge for travelers and it is more difficult if you travel with kids. But almost cruise companies, they use the best vehicles as they can: minibus, minivan or private car if you request.