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Kayaking Halong Bay

Kayaking in Halong Bay is the best way to explore the breathtaking beauty of Halong Bay. Paddle through islets; visit hidden caves, lagoons, unspoiled beaches and floating fishing villages…Kayaks go where other big boats cannot. Depending on trip length, visitors have different kayak route and time frame. Cruise with Indochina Junk, paddling around the islands, get closer to limestone karst and enjoy the breathtaking nature in a less visited corner of Bai Tu Long Bay must be a great experience for life.




When kayaking, you must follow the tour guide; it is risky to do by yourself without warning or instruction. The tour guide will help you use paddle and guide you to the safe area. Life jacket is a must for this activity when cruising Halong Bay. You can need to prepare suitable clothes: T-shirt and short, swimming suit in summer; warm clothes in the winter; wet shoes, hat, sunglasses… bring water, sun cream, dry bag storing camera, insect repellent…

Thanks to the bay’s thousands of islands the conditions for sea kayaking are ideal – the water is calm, the current is fine and the wind is not too strong.


Halong Bay Fishing


Usually, when booking with some cruises, you will have a chance to go fishing at night. However, to experience the life of the fisherman in Bai Tu Long, please book a fishing boat with us.

The launch of our Fisherman Boat is to help you see the hidden Halong and Bai Tu Long while being in work with the fisherman on their daily life activities.

The boat is designed small and simple to the style of the fishing boat, that helps go real fishing to the hidden corners of the Bay.




Bai Tu Long is still an uncharted bay in Ha Long, offering a chance to get “off the beaten track”, not just visit the fishing villages; you will have a chance to go fishing with the locals, learn more about their life and enjoy Bai Tu Long on this special way, this will not only make our offer unique but your trip unforgettable!