Những loại thực phẩm và món ăn vùng biển Hạ Long dành cho người . Người bệnh không còn lo lắng !


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Halong Bay Cruises,Halong Bay Tours in Halong Bay are organized by Brilliant Halong Cruises


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By being as lovely travelers on Halong Bay Cruise, you and your dearests would enjoy the most spectacular sites and landscapes of the new world’s wonder Halong Bay. Leave your busy daily life and those boring road trips behind. Take a cruise tour in Halong for the unforgettable memories, all you have to do is to relax and enjoy the breeze of beautiful Halong bay and be pampered by the luxurious services offered by our Halong cruise lines.


Activities on board


There are all the fun activities that one can do on board Halong cruises like fine dining, luxurious spa, exercising Taiji, sunbathing on the top deck, or just simply spend the sweetest moments at your very private balcony at a cabin. The destination of the cruises is also one of the attractions of Halong cruises. Cruises stop at different post of call depending on the itinerary of the travel, that is something that you would see before going on board.


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