Tours of caves

With Karst terrain, Halong bay has many caves and islands. These caves are attractive destination in route visiting Halong bay. Some famous caves are known extensively by tourist such as “Dau Go” cave, “Thien Cung” cave, “Sung Sot” cave…


                amazing-cave  bo-nau-cave dau-Go-cave

                       Amazing Cave                                 Bo Nau Cave                              Dau Go Cave                                    

Magnificent masterpieces of the Creator will definitely dazzle all visitors by the magical world of stalactites and stalagmites in various sizes and shapes. Tourists are also have chance to dine in a cave and experience an exotic feeling of dining in spacious and romantic ambiance inside.

The most famous cave is “Dau Go” cave, located in Dau Go Island. “Dau Go” cave is divided into three parts. Outside part has roll in dome with ceiling look like huge oil paint picture. Beauty of this cave is praised in many poems and songs. It was honored as “caves of wonders” in World Wonder book by French. Next to “Sung sot” cave which located in Bo Hon Island and belong to centre Halong bay. This cave included two parts with stalactites with unique shape such as rock elephant, rock flower, rock water seal…


               luon-cave  me-cung-cave  thien-cung-cave

                           Luon Cave                              Me cung Cave                            Thien cung Cave                                     

Name of cave explain wonderful beauty to surprise everyone. You could easily visit “Sung Sot” cave when take part in cruise journey: Titop beach – Bo Nau cave – Me Cung cave – Luon cave – Sung Sot cave. Nearly, you could visit “Trinh Nu” cave whose name means female cave. You also see “Trong” cave which located opposite “Trinh Nu” cave. Name of this cave means male cave.


               trinh-nu-cave trong-cave fairy-cave

                           Trinh Nu Cave                                    Trong Cave                             Fairy Cave   

The longest cave is Hanh cave which located in Cam Pha. Length of cave is 1,3 kilometer along Hanh moutain and cross out sea. If tourist want visit Hanh cave, you need to use small boat and lamp because of dark of cave. Besides, tourists explore many beautiful caves such as: Fairy cave, Thien cung cave…

Caving is always main activity of tourists when visit Halong bay. Many tourists took photograph unique caves to make remembered memories in Halong bay.

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