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Vung Vieng Fishing village

Beyond the limestone peaks of the World Heritage site Ha Long Bay – Bai Tu Long Bay, long before tourists arrived, the Vung Vieng inhabitant has started their lives in coexistence with the sea. Settled down in a community 20 kms from the mainland, some of families been here for generations, been attached to the waves and tides, a floating life without a single concern about how much the house rental fee fluctuates.


 Bai Tu Long Bay attractions: Vung Vieng Fishing village


Vung Vieng fishing village


Explore this unique lifestyle by joining Indochina Junk cruise to the heart of Bai Tu Long Bay, where Vung Vieng floating village is located, you are not only be immersed in the quiet and peaceful atmosphere, be surrounded by the rocky mountains but also discovering the cultural distinctive when talking to the fishermen, who is happy to show you their traditional fishing tips, dropping and pulling the net.


Vung Vieng Fishing Village2 Bai Tu Long Bay attractions: Vung Vieng Fishing village

Fishing village


Just like other floating villages located in Ha Long Bay, Vung Vieng Village can only be approached by sea after few hours journey; local people make a living here at the low demand: limited drinking water bought from the large vessel every week, transportation is by small rowing boat, even school children have to make their daily journey by boat, there is only one elementary school in the area so children at Vung Vieng only attend school in few years then going to the mainland if their parents want them to keep learning higher level. Cruise a responsible trip, Indochina Junk always suggest that passengers prepare some small gifts such as coloring books, notebooks, pencil, for those smiling children.


 Bai Tu Long Bay attractions: Vung Vieng Fishing village

Children in floating school


The journey to the village ends at one point intriguing dip through a cave that millennia of water flows have carved through the heart of one of the rocky pillars that pepper the bay. Throughout 45 minutes visiting Vung Vieng Village, we believe that it brings a little feelings about contrast ways of living of people here, somehow it made the trip much more memorable.


Vung Vieng Fishing Village gate 1024x682 Bai Tu Long Bay attractions: Vung Vieng Fishing village

Vung Vieng village’s gate